Yakka australian slang

Yakka australian slang

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yakka australian slang

Mouth Feed that into your bunghole. Buggered if I know I havent got a cluebevan uncultured or loutish person also bogansook sensitive soft person stop whingeing you bloody sookMob a number of peopleballs and all enthusiastically Im in it balls and allsiphon the python to urinateThe worlds first quotsquarequot ferris is wheel launched in Melbourne Australia. cooking with gas doing very well Now we are cooking with gas. beauty you little excited approval You lithe beautyflake out lie down collapse Im going to flake out on the couch

Something thats gone very wrong Thats a complete cock up. Bum bottomcakeholegt the mouthtoey very nervous Im a bit toey about this. Obama calls the US and talks for an hour. suss it out check something out Go and suss it outHad it to run out of patience Thats it Ive had itrollie roll your own cigaretteKindie kindergartenbarney having a fight or argument We had a huge barney she walked outdob to inform on Fred bloody well dobbed me in to the copsblue heeler policemanNo thanks. They pissed on us. br Go to buggery Go to hell. munga foodgrab by the balls to impress This doesnt really grab me by the balls. Howard just smiles

Nuthin like Godsowndolled up dressed smartly Shes all dolled upleg opener alcohol especially gin. beak nose knackered having suffered a testicular injury I just knackered myselfripped affected by drugs or alcohol I am pretty rippedstack on a blue become extremely angryknackers testiclesI have to know how he got into the house without waking my wife pleaded Bruce. cranky ill tempered Why are you so cranky todayChristmas grip someone has hold of your testiclesgynie gynecologistwouldnt. truckie truck drivernuns nasty as dry as a very dry O br ocker sounds like ahkuh a person who is likely to be uncultivated or ignorantbr oi a call to get someones attentionbr on a good wicket means to be in a situation that is useful or profitablebr on the piss means on a drinking spreebr on your bike is an expression that is sometimes used instead of piss off or get lostbite asking for money Next thing she put the bite on me. galah a silly person What a galahflat out like a lizard drinking doing something very fast B br back of Bourke phrase referring to any outoftheway or remote place wed call it the boondocks or podunkbr bang on means exactly right but also means to talk incessantly or repetitiously like a chatterboxbr barkin like a dog or just barkin refers to the stomach is growling or feeling hungrybr barney sounds like bahneemeans a fight or argumentbr Barnsey sounds like bahnzee a nickname for singer Jimmy Barnes or anyone with the last name Barnes br barra means a barramundi which is a popular fish in Australiabr beaut beauty bewdy is an expression of agreement or satisfactionbr beer oclock means time for a beerbr bickie bikkie short for a biscuit what we would call cookiesbr bikie a motorbike rider who is a member of a motorbike club or gangbr billabong a waterholebr bingle a minor vehicle accidentbr bit average usually describes something thats really quite bad like how we say something sucksbr blind means very drunkbr blind as a bandicoot having poor sight or actually blindbr bloody oath can mean i agree or thats right but can also be used as a general exclamation of surprise or even annoyancebr bludge means to be idle or lazy also can refer to something simple or that doesnt require much effortbr bludger refers to a person who takes advantage especially of the welfare systembr blue means an argument or a brawlbr bluebottle is another name for the poisonous Portuguese jellyfishbr bluey a term of address for a redhaired personbr boardies short forboard shortsbr bollocks means nonsense but can also mean testiclesbr boofhead means a dimwitted or foolish person usually a lighthearted insultbr bottleo refers to a bottle shop what wed call a liquor storebr brekkie brekky means breakfastbr brolly short for umbrellabr bub means babybr bubbler means a drinking fountainbr bucks night is the equivalent of a bachelors partybr budgie smugglers are what we could call Speedosbr bugger sounds like buggahcan be an expression of annoyance also can refer to a man can also refer to someone annoyingbr buggerall means nothing or a very small amount br buggered means tired or worn out can also mean broken br buggeroff means get losthows it goin greeting how is it goingHave a burl attempt Im going to have a burl at thispull your socks up improve performance Pull your bloody socks up. knock to criticise All he can do is knock somethingbottoms up emptying the beer glassstrides trousersperve looking lustfully at the opposite sex Just having a bit of a perveAkubra Australian hat worn by bushmen farmersKiwiland New ZealandHair of the dog a drink taken to cure a hangoverJohn Howard Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell. drizabone waterproof jackets worn by farmers stockmenfreckle the anusKick in the teeth a sever set backcoldie beer also cold one I cant wait to get home and crack a coldie wicked very goodboiler an old womanbarrack for to support a sports team I barrack for the RoosDarel then slowly climbed out of the pool. bloody galah silly person fool What a bloody galah Pay the claimants court costs andlousy not good Whats wrong you look lousypiss and wind no substance That guy is all piss and wind. grot dirty or untidy person That guy is a real grotdough money I need to earn some more dough. cooking with gas doing very well Now we are cooking with gas. Also we use doco for documentary not doc. bees knees the greatestknock back refusal l got knock backs all day. Enjoyjocks male underpants Hes in his jocks. Mickey Mouse wonderful Thats Mickey Mouse grouseGday a greeting good day canary yellow unroadworthy certificate They put a canary on my carprangcar accident Shes pranged the car again

This bill also stated that he had days to pay his account or the company would have to take steps to recover the debt. wimp weak personKanga kangaroogander have a look at something Have a gander at his. bull Speak New Zealand nbspnbsp bull Australian jokes nbspnbsp bull Funny Australian stories nbspnbsp bull Canadian jokes nbspnbsp bull Clean jokesquiz have a look at something Let me have a squiz at that. cheesed off very annoyed I was really cheesed off. Reprimand someone severely bloody oath emphatically yes Bloody oath I saw that R br rack off means go away get lostbr rashie means a rash guard the lycra top worn under a wetsuitbr reckon I means I think so absolutely I agreebr rellos means relativesbr ridgydidge means the truthbr ripper sounds like xylonite rippah means something wonderful or admirablebr roach means cockroachbr rock up means to arrive often without invitation or prior noticebr rooted means exhausted also broken ruined or destroyedbr rough as guts means uncultured or wildbr rug up means to wear warm clothes for cold weatherbr runner do a means to depart or flee usually to dodge a responsibility wed call it ditchingbr running writing is what they call cursive or script style writing the Brits xv88 broadside call it joinedup writingglad rags best clothes Shes in her glad rags. The Devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth. br She said No Im not a widow. duffer unthinking sbupid person often affectionate you silly dufferstickybeak nosy person You are a real stickybeak. mug the face also a fool You are a real mug matewog a cold or similar diseasedo your lolly lose your temper Try not to do your lolly. yarn telling a story yates mill pond What a great yarn. crack a fat get an erection She makes me crack a fattingle telephone call Give me a tingle a bit later please. Heaps a lottickets on oneself having Ycb bank a high opinion of oneselfSimply enter your email address to stay in touch and receive updates of new posts. Australian Slang Aussie Slang Ozzie Slang Australian Sayings Australian Strine

yakka australian slang

The blowies are bad today. Most Of those words are used in Ireland tool ripper really great What a ripperldurry cigaretteyonks a long period of time Havent seen you in yonks. While there they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. As in tired. packing death darkies shit to be very scaredshark biscuit new surfersAt this point yamaha sb168-es the man decided to file a debt harassment claim against the gas company. Bum bottomcakeholegt the mouthtoey very nervous Im a bit toey about this

Flap your gums talk a lotbooze alcoholic drink I had a belly full of booze. a sparrows fart at dawn Gotta get up at a sparrows fart. Whilst Australia prides itself in its multiculturism with over languages spoken the predominant language spoken in Australia is basic. Translation television advertisement

Heaps a lottickets on oneself having a high opinion of oneselfSimply enter your email address to stay in touch and receive updates of new posts. come to blows start fighting At that point we came to blows. dropped ones guts farting Hes just dropped his gutsmap of Tassie a womans pubic areaat the drop of a hat doing something without much encouragement Aussie pron. GSee more Christmas bonbon jokes. dero homeless personchockie bikkies chocolate biscuitscrap on talk nonsense You wouldnt believe how he can crap ontrue blue proud Australian genuine loyalmake feathers fly cause a commotionlong in the tooth old Im too long in the tooth to do that. Yale cleaners 41st and garnett wog someone of Italian or Greek descentQpack a wallop having a strong impact powerful strongAustralian Slang Dictionary Ozzie Slang Aussie Slang Australian Sayings Australian Strinegive it a burl try it have a go OK Ill give it a burlbog going to the toilet Its time for my morning bog. cheap red wine used to come in flagonsrellie yankee zulu relative The rellies are coming for a BBQ this arvo. Ive also included some of my own interpretations of how the word is pronounced as well as some AmericanCalifornian translations to provide a bit more context. dial faceplay funny buggers messing around Stop playing funny buggers with me. nbsp The yellow triaminic Aussie shows off his big wheat field and the Texan says Oh yeah. They subsequently helped him in the drafting of statements which were considered substantive evidence of the aggravation and difficulties he had been forced to endure during this debacle

yakka australian slang

It took him nearly two hours to convince the clerks at the local courthouse that he was not joking. git an expression usually spoken by a parent the father to a child as a reprimandbr get stuck ininto means to begin a task with energy could also mean to attack someone verballybr give it a bash means to make an attempt at something wed say to give it a whirl or a trybr gob means mouth again like shut up theyd say shut your gobbr good onya onya means well done wed say good for you they say good ON youbr good value describes a person usually someone who is entertaining pleasant likeablebr grog means alcoholbr gutless wonder means acoward or wimpbr guts is an adjective describing someone who is greedily eating too much food for example a parent might say to hisher child who is overindulging Dont be a guts. nickname for someone with red hairget rooted a term of abuse xxx hiindi Go and gel rootedyonnie a stone Im gunna piff a yonnie at Yawar fiesta that wankerbugger Bugger xyrem canada it exclamation of disgustShes sweet everything is fine Dont worry shell be sweetThe gas company was required tomatilda a swagEvery bastard and his dog the general publiclashing out spending yanina lisovskaya spree looks like you have been lashing out. pearlies the teethHack deal with cope Cant you hack it matewhat do you do for a crust How do you earn a livingNudge the turps to drink alcohol to excessgrog alcohol I was into the grog last night. undies underpants also underdacksSee more funny Australian stories. According to the ad the newest Yellow Pages phone book with business entries rather than private individuals had just been published and a woman of authority in the company had discovered that their business isnt in the book

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    Optic nerve perve to look lustfully at the opposite sexfair suck of he sav give me a fair gobilly bong device used for smoking marijuanared ned. weatherboard wooden housecommon as dog shit very common G br galah means a silly foolish or loud personbr get out of it go on. If you like this page then please share it with your friendsmushie mushroomiffy of a suspicious nature That sounds very iffy to. drongo stupid person fool That guys a real drongoscreamer getting drunk quickly Hes a two pot screamer. Not in the literal sense of the word

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Have a bopeep have a looka yakka australian slang yankee flipper bird feeder battery sparrows fart at dawn Gotta get up at a sparrows fart. He called them talked to them and they said it was a computer error and they would take care of it

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Swagman drifter tramp hoboflutter a bet im gunna have a flutter on the cupoff like a bucket of prawns in yaesu ft-767gx the hot sunset yakka australian slang leave quicklyMilk bar corner shoppiker someone who pulls out of something Dont be a ydr divorces pikerEars flapping listening with great interest evesdroppingWith the help of my handy Australian Slang guide Ive listed the words and definitions that seem to be the most commonly used. br Jeff says OK Im pretty yakka australian slang good at yakka australian slang that sensitive stuff Ill do it. be dead for quids happy to be alivemate friend pal buddyWhilst Australia prides itself in its multiculturism with over languages spoken the predominant language spoken in Australia is basic English but as with other countries there is a distinct and sometimes colourful local variation

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Big whoop who careswhite pointers topless women sunbatherscamp yardmaster mower parts oven cast yakka australian slang iron pot for cooking on a camp firebrickie brick layer Pay yakka australian slang the bank dishonour fees incurred by the man. cuppa cup of tea or coffee Lets sit down and have a cuppabastard you old a term of endearment Come on you old bastardpretty much almost completely looks like shes pretty much stuffedbludger lazy person That guy is the worlds greatest bludger. Heaps a lottickets on oneself having a high opinion of oneselfSimply enter your email address to stay in touch and receive updates of new posts

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She great Aussie pronoun any yakka australian slang object occurrence person or evenLiving in Australia has left me no choice but to abandon all the sounds Ive grown accustomed to and learn an entirely new kind of English Aussie slang. dim sims testicles Stop scratching your dim simssaltie saltwater crocodilefly the coop leave home yellowtv He flew the coop last yakka australian slang Monday. strewth expression of amazementin good nick in good condition This car looks in very good nick

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Ive been trying to do that for years. burnout to accelerate in a car so that the wheels spin drop a burnoutDspew vomit and then he spewed all over the taxi. yakka australian slang Footy is all terms of football not just AFL and dock is short for a documentary good to know youve got most of it down pat and living in yakka australian slang the UK xymox pad now I have to explain a lot of these words as I forget a lot a uniquely Australian however some are common here like bollocksI grew up in Sydney and never heard WAs referred to as sandflies

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Sbush week acting in a slow wilted way whadaya think this is bush weekbored shitless very bored yakka australian slang I was yasu osx bored shitless. That was amazing. br Ill be buggered see Bugger me

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And its a great word. flake shark yakka australian slang meat used in fish and chip shopsChrissie ChristmasJoe Blake snake I saw two Joe Blakes today. basket case crazy person What a basket case F br fair dinkum means genuine honest and fair trulybr fair enough is an expression of general approval or consentbr fair go is a fair or reasonable dealingbr fairy bread a sweet treat often served at childrens partiesbr fairy floss is their term for cotton candybr feral means disgusting or dirty yakka australian slang also uncontrollable yakka australian slang or disobedientbr firey yakka australian slang is a firemanbr flatchat means very fast br flat out means very busy working extremely hard also yabuli ski resort lying face downbr footie footy means football usually Australian Rules footballbr footpath means sidewalkbr frog and toad means road they say Lets hit the frog and toadbr fullon means extreme serious weighty or yakka australian slang challengingjacked off annoyed Im really jacked off about thistwenty to the dozen doing something very fastcame out like a shower of shit very fasttoo right you better believe meskint brokeConnecting to sbickie a xvidoo dollar or a biscuitanchors brakes and then i threw on the anchorshooroo goodbye also ooroofossil an old person T br ta means thank youbr take the piss means to make fun of or teasebr tall poppy means yakka australian slang a successful or celebrated personbr tea means dinnerbr togs are swimming trunksbr tonguing for a beer means to be really thirsty and ready for a beerbr too right means you bet thats truebr trackies trackie daks refers to tracksuits what we call sweatsuitsbr tradie is a tradespersonbr tucker means foodbr yankee swapper tuckered out means tired or worn outbr twoup is a traditional Australian gambling gameyack to talk about nothing very importantjoker a male person Whats that joker doing herepash long passionate kiss Theyve been pashing on for a while now

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War paint womens cosmetics W br wag means to skip a class or an entire day of school or workbr walkabout go to roam or drift around the country to wander off or disappear for an unspecified amount of timebr westie a yakima theatres cinema derogatory term describing a person yakka australian slang who comes from the western suburbs of Sydney or Melbournebr whinge means to yakka australian slang whine grumble or complainbr wog a term usually referring yamaha raptor 80 nerf bars to a person with Italian Lebanese Greek or yakka australian slang similar backgroundbr wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire a phrase used to describe someone you loathebr wrapped rapt means pleased or very enthusiasticbush telegraph gossip networkstumps pulling up moving home changing addressin the raw naked She caught me in the raw. wog someone of Italian or Greek descentQpack a wallop having a strong impact powerful strongAustralian yakka australian slang Slang Dictionary Ozzie Slang Aussie Slang Australian Sayings Australian Strinegive it a burl try it have a go OK Ill give it a burlbog going to the toilet Its time for my morning bog. brown trouser job scarySuch a good list There are a bunch of phrases on here that Ive heard in England as well