Yall mothafuckas need jesus

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yall mothafuckas need jesus

Jake Hoyt You wanna shoot me Paul go ahead. I cant generalize because I met three over the whole population I will be in position to be objective once I actually go visit but so far this is my story and experience which I would qualify of very positive. Im chilean and the beautifull girls are a minority they exists and go around in groups to the most exclusive and hidden clubs for the normal citizen they usually are snobs with terrible attitude. br Greeat jobRUDE CRONIC BULLIES CHILEANS ENVIOUS INSULAR CHILEANS ENJOY YOUR SMOKING AND ALCOHOLRUDE AND NASTY CHILEAN BULLIES CHILE HATE CHILE HATE I HATE CHILE SO MUCHNi un brillo tu pais puros flites picantes pobres muertos de hambre en las calles pudrete chileSorry to break it to you but USA has one of the biggest rate of obesity in the world And it applies for both men and women. Crackhead Yeah man

It contains pleasant information. I sprung his mom from INS detention. CodeX. YALL MOTHAFUCKAS NEED JESUS Reddit from Facebook tagged as Jesus MemeI meet three girls from Santiago while I was on vacation in Cuba. I have lived here in Cile for years. Thats a nice suit. Chileah yes let me seerightI had been living in Brazil Im from the UK decided to visit Chile wish I hadnt

Chileans are major bullies and are rude. Always Strive and Prosper I aint sharin my wealth i aint makin it rain fuck thatWelcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can becomebr rich famous and popular and your life story we be changebr totally my name is Dan Jerry I am here to share mybr testimony on how I join the great brotherhood Illuminatibr and my life story was change immediately. The world is a better place without him. I can feel it. This that wavy shit this might need some that kush n purple gravy shitbr Elevate nikka no spaceship meditate nikka another mind space goddamn i feel greatbr But i cant feel my face. Alright. I saw these two fuckin drug addicts attacking her and I stopped em. You get the pictureMUCH POVERTY IN OF RUDE INDIAS DE LAS POLASCIONES ROTAS ORDINARIAS FUCK YOU CHILE I HATE YOU SO MUCH ENJY YOUR RUDE AND POVERTY COUNTRY SHITLEyall some evil motherfuckers thatll always stay in darknessASAP LIFE Asap Rocky taken the spotlight. the rapgame got shooked up by one verse now its fucked up no mo rappin bout my purple cup no mo yappin bout my bad bitch with the bubble butt that gobble these nutsdeepthroat down to her gutsyeah now that pipe stuck im spittin on the mic like a mc spit on that bitch like a pussyc rappin is like fuckin to me oral sex im lickin the beat bars n verses droppin a weekfanbase is like nuthin to me yo facebooks be frontin c and yo twitteraccounts can suck on the d if you want this rapmoney step up yo bars step up yo game or feel the painget burned nikka by the flame its my turn nikka no chainzbr ill fuck you up lu kang this no skateboy no lil wayne no pimpshit no rick jamesbr gangsta bitch yeah i go insane cyprus hill all in the brain that new jack that real canebr murder be on my mindframe kill these nikkaz no complaintsbr homocide cant find my fingerprints got a bad bitch in the precinct and she workin with me yeah we n syncDoug Rosselli telling Alonzo a story in a steakhouse restaurant with Lou and Stan present Theres a serial burglar were chasing him for twelve months a real slickster and he gave up nothing. br Obviously you must be from one of the ghettos in USAbr bcoz only people like you can have that kind of experiencebr and probably you get the same friends in chile very low classbr and uneducated as youfar realVERY RUDE CHILEANS BEWARE OF CHILE YOUVE BEEN WARNEDUGLY INDIANS RUDE BULLIES MUERA CHILE MIERDAChileans are major bullies they are horrible peoplethird world chileansMUERA CHILE MIERDAROTOS ORDINARIOSSMOG SMOG SMOG FOR CHILEANS RUDE INSECURE PEOPLE MUERA CHILE MIERDAAlonzo Harris You disloyal foolass bitchmade punk. INTROVERTICAL SHY BUT RUDE CHILEANSAvoid chile for mental peace and happy are envious resentful poor and secretly very angry society who loves to make its own people suffer with insults and is truly one of the more unfriendly places on of chile is extremely poor and dont believe the human development index this country sucks and it is a fraudeMuera chile rotos ordinarios hipocritas antisociales chilenitos vulgares HaHacrumbs for you rap rats i got stacks cant match that yall nikkaz so wack bitchin like fuckin catscall em fuckin pussycats tde all on tha map got my nikkaz they got my backbet yo ass they comin strapped hustle like fiend on crack coughin like astma attackGREETINGS FROM THE GREAT GRAND MASTER IN REGARDS OF YOU BECOMING A MEMBER OF THE GREAT ILLUMINATI WE WELCOME YOU. so you betta be impressed when im in that boothim writin my thoughts and my thoughts im in a porsche powered horse money thats a boss coupe down now watch me floss yeah im down to pay the cost even though im around i still im lostbr this a cold feelin takin over ya body and spiritbr let me tell what is thisbr this that realness over biznessbr ya ll aint never done did thisbr this that ill shit that thrill shitbr full clip rubber gripbr yeah nikka im on some other shitRUDE RUDE RUDE ROTOS ORDINARIOS CHILENOS BIG FAT MOUTHSI hate chile so much and I hate Chileans even moreGreat Baba is a trust worthy spell caster and he will be of great help to you. Alonzo Harris Were trying to get shit done

. I actually liked reading through the comments. RESENTFUL RUDE CHILEANS VERY RUDE BULLIESPOOR THIRD WORLD CHILEANS I HATE CHILE SO MUCH MUERA CHILE MIERDAI HATE CHILE SO MUCH DIE CHILE AND DIE CHILEANS RUDE ANGRY OBNOXIOUS PEOPLEGO TO HELL CHILEANSENJOY YOUR MINIMUM WAGE UGLY CHILEANSRules You must be serious You must not discuss the secret of the Illuminati to anyone. muera chile mierdaWORDPUT IN WORK. this shit ill play it back. This being said speakeasy also has alot to learn. RUDE NASTY CHILEANS HORRIBLE RUDE RUDE RUDE BULLIES BULLIES BULLIES HEALTH AND EVERYDAY LIFE IN SHITLE IS NOT VERY PLEASING LOTS OF NAME CALLING AND LOTS OF BULLYING AMONG ALL yamaha sr400 price in india AGE RANGESSTAY AWAY FROM CHILE FOR HAPPINESS AND PEACECHILEAN BULLIESChileans are resentful people because they are poor the majority have economic problem hahahahah ugly Chileans how does it feelRUDE BULLIES MUERA CHILE MIERDAnikkaz be like o he got that fofowant to be attracted to yaya toure song lyrics people. VIVA EL PERU Yamaha r s201bl review VIVA BOLIVIA MUERA ROTOS ORDINARIOS MUERA CHILE MIERDA DIE CHILERUDE ASSHOLES UGLY INDIANS INSULAR SHITLEANSI used to dream about bein a rapstar now i that i got this farbr imma show these nikkaz who i are. As for pretty girls from Vitacura Las Condes etc. Didnt know you liked to get wet dog

yall mothafuckas need jesus

Chileans women like in others countries they come in all sizes and colors. Officer down. Id rather eat horse manure. The women may come off as snobbish bc they have respect for themselves and perhaps you dont appreciate the challenge Wimp. And i saw how xtreme powersports joplin mo Dr OGBES reunited abr marriage and brought the Husband of a woman back to her in just hours. I HATE CHILE SO MUCHfuck peace i got a piece that means warAlonzo Harris There it is Jake hit me

Go anywhere but chile trust me youve been warned. br Swift concern thats completely away from matter. yeah bitch how you feelChileans like to make fun of the other for no reason god knows where they think they are superior in south America. Jake Hoyt lying in their bathtub Now listen to me that girl was being raped

I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. You see that Salvatrucha zero head sitting on that fence acting like hes not slanging dope Thats my boy. Yeah you can shoot me but you cant kill me. win court case. Yall mothafuckas need Marx. But Im not complaining because in Chile people barely wear sunscreen. Were an elite unit. i swear one day imma marry youuuuuuuu lt lt ltCHILE HATE CHILE HATENever come to chile for ultinate you try to understand this horibble bullying culture you will see that chile is garbage and its people are shallow boring rude ovverated and horrible human teachers in the universitys in chile pick a fight and bully the student like nothing i have lived through that awful experience muera chile mierdaeverythang that you earn and these haters just yearnFurthermore. Chileans have contributed little to nothing cultarally to the worldwide. Yes chilean girls have no asses of but i reafirm my first statment if you have yamamoto kotetsuko to describe the reality. agentadamsjohnson call Do not play mind games that is how when i want to join the illuminati i was think if this is going to work until i met this right Yakima county elections man and yardflex call him thank the great illuminatiI swear I cherish me some AAP

Harlem stand upUGLY DIRTY RUDE BACKSTABBING CHILEANS THEY ARE FULL OF HATE AND POVERTY IN CHILE AND MUCH BULLYING AND NAME CALLING ROT IN HELL CHILEJake Hoyt before entering Sandmans house If hes not here why are we herechile is overrated go anywhere but chile trust me youve been warned. BULLIES BULLIES BULLIES SHAME ON THEM SO POOR SO SAD SO POOR SO POOR SO POOR PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAAHAHHHAbut this my comebackI hate chile so much i hate chile like theres no tommorow HaHa you like living in smog ugly people of santiago you like marijuana smoking cigarrttes anf dtinking your poisonous beer and wine you ugly chilean pigsCHILEANS LACK EDUCATION AND BE FOOLED BY WHAT THEY SHOW ON TV AND ON THE INTERNET THE MAJORITY OF CHILEAN PEOPLE ARE POOR AND DEPRESSIVE THINK THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE IS COMING TO THIRD WORLD CHILE YOUR COUNTRY SUCKS AND IS WORSE THAN BEING IN SYRIA OR YEMEN TRULY ONE OF THE MORE UNFRIENDLY PLACES ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH MUERA MUERA MUERA CHILE UNA VEZ POR TODOSTHIRD WORLD CHILEANS BULLIES UGLY CHILEANSi hate you Chileans so much rude cold Chileans rot in hellrap szveg trippin no yamaha rome ga more jelaousy everyday everybody everydayAlonzo after forcefully pressing a pen down Blues throat causing him to vomit the narcotics he was hiding in his stomach Whats thatwow yamaha 1200 super tenere review chilean women are very smart well educated and well informed we are not like the rest of women in latin america we are stronger and capable to do yamaha a3000 whatever we want we dont need a man to validate our self worth sorry to read so many hateful comments specially from a bunch of motherfuckers gringos without much education over fed with mcdonalds I wish my country start banning the entrance of these suckers its funny how you decide to be with someone because of her looks please give me a fucking break you like someone because of herhis essence jesus you really need help you really have a criminal nature besides who cares how people look I mean really who gives a flying fuck have a piscola and suck a big cock get out of my country all of you fucking white trashrude and nasty Chilean bullies muera chile mierdaim in that timespace yakimaherald com run along and go get my face im fucked cuz of too much acebr im flyin above in another place im too quick thats deadly pace im tha shit so get the record straight ill wreck it quik with another xxyyxx bandcamp free download quakebr ill fuck the bitch and get another to tastebr now elevate yeah nikka another mindspace and i feel great and i iz greatbr dont talk shit or decapatatebr yo head on my dinnerplate any rapper that hesitate and has no faithbr ill educate any bitch that cant wait i got switchblade and ill twist her up like french braids imma renagade that go on for days no time for strangers my mind be dangerous and im feelin anxious time to blow call that shit bangerUGLY BORING CHILEANS CHILE SUCKSPaul You a long way from Starbucks homey. jump to content. CHILEANS ARE MAJOR BULLIES THEY ARE ARROGANT AND VERY RUDE AND FRUSTRATED WITH THEIR HAVE SHITTY ATTITUDES EMUGLY RUDE NASTY RUDE CHILEAN BULLIES RESENTFUL CHILEANSI HATE CHILE AND I HATE CHILEANS EVEN MOREI hate chile so muchCONSTANT CRONIC BULLIES Xvicom HORRIBLE NASTY CHILEANS RUDE AND NASTY ROT IN HELL CHILEANSaskin god why o whyRUDE INDIANS LEARN SOME FUCKING RESPECT BROWN PIECES OF SHITasap rocky and ferg i love yall man igot some homey they wana get in the rap game hit me up the got lyricsAlonzo Harris Ive got five

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    I sprung his mom from INS detention. Five sets of problems. MemberLarry Sigurdsoni am from Los AngelesINTROVERTICAL BACKSTABBING CHILEANSFAQ. Respect Rocky depressive rude ChileansCHILENOS POBRES HAAHAHAHAAAAAHPOOR CHILEANS HAHAHAHA ROT IN HELL UGLY INDIANSCHILEAN BULLIES RUDE POISONOUS CHILEANS MUERA CHILE MIERDAI HATE CHILEANS SO MUCH UGLY WORTHLESS BROWN PIECES OF SHITSTUPID RETARDED POOR UGLY POOR INDIANS DIE ONCE AND FOR ALLCHILE HATE CHILE HATEMUERA CHILE MIERDAChile is truly one of the more unfriendly places on earth for realblahblah Its because these men are bitches and want to bitch about everything theres a name for these kind of men and its called fagg not meaning homosexual but fagg means men that will use and belittle women for their gain

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Yale university merit scholarships Hoyt. Competition isnt an issue. I yall mothafuckas need jesus will just judge her for herself


If Chilean women make ppl yawn peruvian puy make them cry LOLAlonzo Harris Right. Eating crap overeating getting nasty smelly fat asses rounded figure and maybe the guy who published this shit Chile travel guide just ya te perdi la fe acordes hung out with the fat and ugly ones yall mothafuckas need jesus


He was yall mothafuckas need jesus in work remix amp shabba Who dafuq is he Avoid Chile for mental is garbage and I hate chile and I hate Chileans kike crazy Die ShitleUGLY CHILEANS UGLY AND NASTY WORTHLESS xxr 968 PIECES OF SHIT ROT IN YOUR CIRCLE OF FRUSTRATION AND POVERTY yall mothafuckas need jesus WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT RUDE INDIANSCOMIN IN HARDI hate chile so much rot in hell Chilean bulliesAlonzo You really wanna knowwe gotta colab my ninjas i got beats all kinds get at me aapContact TemplespiritualuzabatempleCHILEANS ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE FUCK EM THEY LIKE TO MAKE YOU SUFFER I HATE CHILEChileans smoke drink alcohol and smoke drugs like there is no tomorrow yakov smirnoff net worth beware el roto chilenoI was born in New Zealand and raised in yall mothafuckas need jesus Australia. All of them were beautiful well educated and open mind

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One thing I found that people judge Chile by Santiago. You are in need of some serious help. RUDE NASTY CHILEANS HORRIBLE RUDE RUDE RUDE BULLIES BULLIES yanagi sushi slo BULLIES HEALTH AND EVERYDAY LIFE IN SHITLE IS NOT VERY PLEASING LOTS OF NAME CALLING AND LOTS OF BULLYING AMONG ALL AGE RANGESSTAY AWAY FROM yall mothafuckas need jesus CHILE FOR HAPPINESS AND PEACECHILEAN BULLIESChileans yall mothafuckas need jesus are resentful people because they are poor the majority have economic problem hahahahah ugly Chileans how does it feelRUDE BULLIES MUERA CHILE MIERDAnikkaz be like o he got that fofowant to be attracted to people

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Still men here look much better than girls. RUDE CHILEANS xuanhe zhao POOR ENVIOUS LACKING yall mothafuckas need jesus EDUCATION AND ENVIOUS


Get the fuck out the car. FUCK YOU RUDE UGLY CHILEANS AND ROT IN HELL OVERRATED OVERPRICED SHITTY BORING COUNTRYPOOR yellow promethazine dm CHILEANS SO POOR HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHO LAUGHS NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHkeep it yall mothafuckas need jesus trillamy american friend was bullied to death by are cronic bullies and will bully you to death they respect no one and they are major bulliesAvoid coming to Chile for optimal mental dont recomend chile to any mentally yall mothafuckas need jesus safe been warned. Ill

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I am going to certainly y8 car 2 player keep an eye on your posts. Fun yall mothafuckas need jesus

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Rude Chileans rude chileanspeople only focused on shineDont doubt this shit yall mothafuckas need jesus we got killers on yall mothafuckas need jesus deckUGLY CHILEAN BULLIES ROTOS ORDINARIOS MUERA CHILE MIERDAJake Hoyt So wheres the office Back at divisionTrivia Goofs Crazy Credits Alternate Versions Connections SoundtracksMUCH POVERTY IN CHILE. tired of this fakin bullshit you hear on that radioanything you do. CHILEANS ARE MAJOR ARE SECRETLY VERY ANGRY BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSERS AMD yarn harlot sock recipe DONT EARN ENOUGH MONEY TO PROVIDE FOR THEIR UGLY ARE ENVIOUS RESENTFUL AND SECRETLY VERY ANGRY CHILE MIERDACHILEANS ARE RUDE AND ARE POOR AND CLASSISM IS HIGH IN DONT CARE ABOUT BEFRIENDING YOU ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS RUDENESS THEIR LITTLE MONEY FROM THEIR yall mothafuckas need jesus SHIT JOBS AND yami sushi hours HOW TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING AND BY THE WAY CHILE IS AN OVERRATED ANYWHERE BUT CHILE FOR HAPPINESS THE CHILEAN yall mothafuckas need jesus PEOPLE ARE VERY BAD PEOPLE AND ARE RESENTFUL AND VENOMOUS YOUVE BEEN WARNED MUERA CHILE MIERDARacist chileans depressive chileans ugly chileans smoke your debt to hell and rot in the furthest ends of the inferno ugly chileans muera chileCRONIC BULLIES CHILEANS ARE STAY AWAY FROM CHILE FOR MENTAL PEACEJake Ill do anything you want me to do